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How to write a video script

A video script is a narration that accompanies any branded video. Whether you’re putting together an explainer, a promotion, or a product demo, you need a stellar script to go with those visuals. But where should you start if you’ve never created a video or a video script before? Read our top video script tips …

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How to clarify your unique selling proposition

Every piece of high-value content you publish has the power to build your brand. Blogs, emails, social media, case studies — each one helps establish your personality and unique selling proposition (USP).  Some pieces of content will be upfront about your USP: landing page copy, for example, or your classic ‘call to action’ at the …

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A visual representation of how AI works

The imitation game: Can AI demonstrate human emotion?

In 1950, scientist Alan Turing proposed a test to determine the ability of a machine to exhibit intelligent behavior that was similar to — or even indistinguishable from — human behavior.  The recent explosion of interest in artificial intelligence (AI), driven largely by the release of OpenAI’s chatbot, ChatGPT, has led people to once again …

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How Scribly helped Cheesecake Labs secure leads, boost recruitment by 3x, and become a top 10 software partner

A story about results as sweet as cheesecake! Cheesecake Labs is a digital development partner based in Brazil and serving clients all over the world. Experts in software development — and known for designing and building delightful digital experiences for their customers — the Cheesecake Labs team wanted to build their digital presence and share …

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woman sat at a wooden table working on her laptop

How My Learning Hub and Scribly harnessed the power of thought leadership to boost a following and build a brand

Empathetic thought leadership that drives real results. My Learning Hub understand the power of great content. Their tech-forward approach to learning and development delivers top-quality training content to workers in a broad range of industries. Armed with a learning management system (LMS) product that users loved, My Learning Hub needed to build a thought leadership …

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a woman holding a phone with Threads on screen

Is Threads the future of content marketing?

So, how did they do it? As a sister app to Instagram, it allowed users to quickly set up a profile using their Instagram login credentials and automatically follow the same people they were already following on the popular photo-sharing platform. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android and is available in over …

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small robot sat on a laptop with a pink pen pot by its side

Is AI the future for content marketing?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has come a long way since Alan Turing first posed the question, “Can machines think?” in 1950.   Computers have since defeated a chess grandmaster at his own game, written an entire sci-fi screenplay, and paved the way for back-seat driving in self-driving cars.  Hitting closer to home, machine learning algorithms can allow …

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