Meet Scribly

We’re Scribly Media (formerly, a small but mighty content marketing agency with a team of experienced strategists and marketers who specialize in content creation.

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Meet Scribly’s content marketing team

If there’s one thing we know at Scribly (aka, it’s the importance of good content marketing! And with experts in content strategy, SEO, social media, email marketing, copywriting, and editing, we’re here to make your brand shine. Find out more about our content marketing team and how our agency works with businesses like yours.

What the Scribly team does

As an end-to-end content marketing agency, we have all of your content marketing needs covered, from auditing your existing content and building a multi-channel content strategy, to executing that strategy and managing your CMS, to tracking performance and adjusting the plan accordingly. We help you grow your organic visibility, attract, engage and retain more customers, and ultimately drive sales.

Auditing and strategy 

We work closely with you to craft a killer content strategy that’s completely personalized based on your target audience. We know exactly the types of content needed to reach the right people at the right time, and we’ll work together to make it happen. 

Briefing, writing, editing, and management

Once we nail a content plan, then it’s time to produce the goods and share it on your channels. 

At Scribly (aka, we have a cracking team of over 30 writers and editors, based around the world, who help bring your content to life. Our writers have been vetted to ensure they deliver stellar, sparkling content –– we couldn’t do it without them! Each of our writers has a specific niche and skillset they work within, so whatever our customers need, chances are we can deliver.

Our core content marketing team, Elle, Taylor, Alex, and Kalina, oversee our wonderful writers.

Performance tracking

As part of our service, we also monitor the performance of the content and make data-driven changes as we see fit –– it’s all about ensuring you succeed! Thanks to the ever-changing online landscape, you can’t just sit and forget when it comes to content. That’s why we always refer to your content strategy as a living, breathing document.

Meet the team


Ryan is Scribly’s Owner, working to help support and build the best team in the industry. He has run and built multi-million dollar B2C brands on the back of amazing and engaging content plus effective email strategy and automation.

Ryan continues to share his experience in B2C strategy to support the team as we build the world’s greatest content marketing agency. He’s also leading the charge to incorporate the right artificial intelligence tools at the right times to deliver results.

Outside of work, Ryan is an avid traveler and adventurer, having just successfully sailed from NYC to Key West. Now, you’ll find him all over North America as he aims to visit every state before driving from Alaska to Argentina.

Eleanore, aka Elle

Elle is Scribly’s Head of Content but, in a small team like Scribly’s, her day-to-day tasks cover a little bit of everything. She’s our sales department, a one-woman hiring team, an account manager for our clients, a content strategist, an editor, and even a content writer herself from time to time! But mostly, she’s there to maintain the Scribly quality that our clients know and love.

An eager beaver, Elle pursued her love of writing from an early age. She’s worked as a journalist, columnist, copywriter, SEO content writer, editor, and content strategist, so we like to think content marketing is her bread and butter. Her favorite thing about Scribly, though, is that she’s exposed to so many different products and USPs. She loves working with clients from B2C industries in particular, having worked for ecommerce giants like Nestle, Gillette, No7, and more!

Outside of work, she can be found counting laps in the pool or out riding her bike. And when she not training for her next triathlon, she’ll likely be chilling with a good book or hunkering down in front of Masterchef.


Taylor is a Content and Accounts Manager here at Scribly (aka Her job is about delivering excellent, engaging content that helps our clients achieve their goals. She works with our clients to make sure we nail down their tone of voice and brand messaging so we can help them create content that truly speaks to their target audiences. Her day-to-day includes a little bit of everything from briefing projects and working closely with writers, to keyword research and content planning, to digging deep into all kinds of editing, and even fitting in a few writing tasks now and then. She loves nothing more than working closely with words to craft compelling stories, and Scribly (aka gives her the chance to do that every day. 

A lifelong learner in and out of the classroom, Taylor has degrees in Storytelling and Creative Writing, Film and Television Studies, and Digital Journalism. She has spent her whole life building up what she likes to call a “Jeopardy-level” working knowledge of the world. Before joining Scribly in September 2021, she worked for nearly 10 years as a freelance writer, editor, and content creator, covering a wide range of industries and topics, including TV reviews, social media for small businesses, slow journalism, true crime podcasting, and even recipe writing for an online culinary school. 

When she’s not working, you can find her hanging out with her wife and their dog in Glasgow, traveling (often to the United States, where she’s originally from), overanalyzing way too much television, and cooking (and more importantly eating) delicious food. 


Alex splits his time between being Scribly’s in-house writer and an account manager. He handles any task that we write in-house or that needs to be turned around quickly, as well as some clients that he manages all of the writing for. The other half of his time is spent briefing tasks out to writers and delivering that work to our clients.

Alex took a bit of a meandering route to get to Scribly (aka – but has now found his true passion! He studied science at university but ended up at a social media company. He finally made his way here in September 2022 and he’s very glad he did! What he really enjoys about Scribly is the flexibility we have here, both in terms of the day-to-day and the wide range of people and companies we get to work with.

When he’s not at work, he likes spending time outdoors with his dog, reading, and playing the guitar. He also does quite a bit of writing outside of work and is trying his hardest to improve his cooking skills!

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