Professional proofreading and editing services

Want to take your content to the next level? Our proofreading and editing services elevate your copy for a professional, clear, concise, and error-free finish.

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Get better content with a second pair of eyes.

Our proofreading and editing services 

Communication is key to building a connection with your audience and encouraging them to convert. But if those comms are riddled with typos, grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, or other blunders, your company won’t make a very good impression. That’s why editing and proofreading your copy is so important. 

Of course, we know that not everyone has the time or resources for that kind of attention to detail. Luckily, Scribly is here to help. Thanks to our proofreading and editing services, we can act as your second pair of eyes, helping to fine tune your copy and carefully polish it for a clear, concise, and professional finish. 

Our editing services 

Being a good writer is one thing – but being able to edit your own writing is a whole other ball game. Writers are often too close to the copy to objectively make amends (ever read a piece of copy so many times you could recite it? Yeah, us too) so we have in-house editors to make those tweaks and spot those mistakes. 

Our edits can help:

  • SEO optimize your copy with keywords, and internal and external links
  • Make the content more digestible by breaking it down into smaller sections, adding relevant headings or subheadings, and amending the format into bullet points or lists
  • Ensure the article flows nicely, tells a concise story, and has a clear message 
  • Amend the tone and style to be more conversational and readable
  • Remove any redundancies or flowery language (we don’t believe in content for content’s sake)
  • Fact check key information and ensure sources are cited as required

Editing is an essential step of any writing process. So, whether you’re on your first draft and need some serious, all-hands-on-deck support, or you’re almost there but aren’t quite satisfied, our editors will be happy to help.

Meticulous proofreading from Scribly 

Naturally, though, no editing service would be complete without a final proofread. Scanning your content with a fine-toothed comb, our proofreading services check and double check for:

  • Spelling mistakes, including typos, language consistencies, and incorrect use. We also keenly check proper names, and technical or industry specific terms. After all, you can’t be seen as an expert if you can’t even spell a term correctly.
  • Grammatical errors, including verb tenses and pronoun references. 
  • Syntax and clarity, ensuring the writing is clear and concise, the active voice is used throughout, and the ideas flow logically. 
  • Punctuation errors, such as missing or misplaced commas, periods, quotation marks, colons, or semicolons. You wouldn’t believe how many people misuse these! 
  • Formatting inconsistencies across the language, tone, and style used. This includes headings, subheadings, fonts, margins, spacing, and alignment. 

…And everything in between!

How our proofreading and editing services work

Need a professional editor to tweak and amend your copy? Or an extra pair of eyes to give your copy the once over before going to print? With Scribly as your partner, proofreading and editing couldn’t be easier. You just need to follow these four simple steps:

  • Request a single, one-off order. Just let us know how many words your proofreading or editing task includes and when you need it for, and we’ll send you your personalized quote. 
  • Next, submit your brief to us. 
  • Our team of editors and content managers will edit and proofread your copy, ensuring it’s clear, concise and error-free. 
  • We’ll deliver your perfectly polished copy to you by the agreed deadline. 

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Editing is all about revising and refining written copy to ensure it’s clear and concise. This can be done by breaking the copy down into small sections, adding headings or subheadings to help with the flow, tweaking the language style or tone to be more conversational and readable, and removing redundancies or flowery copy (we don’t believe in content for content’s sake!). During the editing process, editors often fact check key information and ensure the tone and style is consistent with other pieces of content too.

Proofreading is the final step in your editing process. Think of it as that final pair of eyes that meticulously scans the copy for any typos or inconsistencies in grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax, and formatting. If the proofreader gives something the green light, it’s ready for publication and distribution.

Editing and proofreading are two key stages of the writing process, and though there is crossover between the two, both need to be carefully completed. 

Editing is about reviewing and revising the content to improve its overall quality and clarity to enhance the content, structure, style, and organization of the copy. Chances are, you’ll edit your content more than once, particularly if sections need rewriting or the content doesn’t flow right. 

Proofreading, on the other hand, is the final stage of the writing process. This is where you’re happy with the structure and messaging of the copy but need to do one final check for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and formatting errors before distributing the content.

If you’ve written a piece of content, you no doubt started with an outline to guide your thoughts and ideas. But, if you’re anything like 99% of writers out there, you’ll likely have written in an overly-conversational stream of consciousness that is a little OTT. That’s where editing comes in. It allows you to refine your ideas and ensure that your message is communicated clearly. 

By reviewing and revising your writing, you can eliminate ambiguities, clarify complex concepts, and streamline your thoughts, making it easier for readers to understand your message.

We can think of endless reasons why proofreading is important but top of the list is definitely professionalism and credibility. You’ll never be able to build authority (with either Google or your customers) if your website, newsletters, blog posts, ebooks, or other copy are riddled with typos and grammatical errors. The lack of attention to detail will reflect poorly on your business, leaving people questioning the quality of your products or services. 

Of course, proofreading is also key for clear messages, making the content easier to follow and understand, and providing a great user experience.