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Are you struggling to get the desired results from your content marketing efforts? Unsure if your content strategy is really hitting the mark? Unleash the true potential of your brand with a personalized content audit from Scribly! Discover valuable insights, actionable recommendations, and a roadmap to boost your online presence.

Is the Scribly content audit really free?

We offer the content audit for free to provide you with a risk-free opportunity to determine if our services align with your unique needs and objectives, establishing a strong foundation for a fruitful and productive partnership. By pre-qualifying clients through this complimentary process, we ensure that we can genuinely add value and tailor our expertise to meet your specific content marketing challenges.

What is a content audit?

A content audit is a comprehensive evaluation of your existing content assets and marketing strategy. Our team of expert content marketers will conduct a thorough analysis to assess the performance, relevance, and alignment of your content with your brand goals.

Why do I need a content audit?

Picture this – a finely-tuned content marketing strategy that attracts your target audience like a magnet, boosts brand awareness, and drives profitable customer actions. The content audit provides the essential foundation for such success:

  1. Identify strengths and weaknesses: Uncover hidden gems and underperforming content pieces. Our experts will pinpoint what’s working and what’s not to maximize your ROI.
  2. Enhance SEO performance: Discover content gaps and opportunities to optimize your search engine rankings and increase organic traffic.
  3. Tailor your message: Understand your audience better and refine your content to resonate with their needs and preferences.
  4. Boost conversions: Craft compelling calls-to-action and engaging content that guides visitors seamlessly through the conversion funnel.

Is the content audit right for me?

At Scribly, we believe in delivering real value to our clients. To ensure that you get the most out of our content audit, we have a qualification process. Simply complete our brief questionnaire and our team will assess if you qualify for this complimentary service.

How to Qualify:

We’re dedicated to partnering with businesses that are committed to growth and eager to take their content strategy to the next level. To find out if you’re a good fit, we’ll ask you a few questions:

  1. Brand name and website: Let us know your brand’s name and share your website URL, so we can explore your existing online presence.
  2. Target locations: Tell us the specific geographic locations or markets you are targeting. Understanding your audience’s locations is crucial for localized content strategies.
  3. Branded competitors: Provide the names or URLs of your primary competitors. This information will help us analyze their content strategies and identify opportunities for differentiation.
  4. Marketing channels overview: Please give us an overview of the marketing channels you currently use. Tick the relevant boxes for each channel you are actively using.

Take the first step towards content success:

Don’t miss this golden opportunity to transform your content marketing strategy. Qualify for our free content audit by answering the questions above, and unlock the potential to skyrocket your brand’s online performance.

Remember, limited slots are available for this complimentary service, so act now! Regardless of whether you qualify or not, we’re here to help you navigate the world of content marketing successfully.

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