Scribly's content marketing podcast, Crafting Content. Episode 2: Don't Flood Google

Don’t flood Google

Crafting Content – A content marketing podcast from Scribly Crafting Content episode 2: Don’t flood Google Ready to listen to the second episode of Scribly’s “Crafting Content” podcast? This content marketing podcast has been created with the intention of sharing Scribly and our team’s vast amount of content marketing knowledge. Every episode will include insights, …

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crafting content podcast - epsidoe 1 - filling the funnel

Filling the funnel

Crafting Content – A content marketing podcast from Scribly Crafting Content episode 1: Filling the funnel Welcome to the first episode of Scribly’s new content marketing podcast, “Crafting Content“. Designed to share Scribly and our team’s vast amount of content marketing knowledge, each episode will include insights, top tips, and real-world examples to help you …

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How to clarify your unique selling proposition

Every piece of high-value content you publish has the power to build your brand. Blogs, emails, social media, case studies — each one helps establish your personality and unique selling proposition (USP).  Some pieces of content will be upfront about your USP: landing page copy, for example, or your classic ‘call to action’ at the …

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How Scribly helped Cheesecake Labs secure leads, boost recruitment by 3x, and become a top 10 software partner

A story about results as sweet as cheesecake! Cheesecake Labs is a digital development partner based in Brazil and serving clients all over the world. Experts in software development — and known for designing and building delightful digital experiences for their customers — the Cheesecake Labs team wanted to build their digital presence and share …

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woman sat at a wooden table working on her laptop

How My Learning Hub and Scribly harnessed the power of thought leadership to boost a following and build a brand

Empathetic thought leadership that drives real results. My Learning Hub understand the power of great content. Their tech-forward approach to learning and development delivers top-quality training content to workers in a broad range of industries. Armed with a learning management system (LMS) product that users loved, My Learning Hub needed to build a thought leadership …

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a pile of words written on separate piece of paper

Does keyword density still matter?

Keyword density was once the be-all and end-all of SEO content writing. Your website wouldn’t get a look-in unless you understood and implemented a winning keyword density strategy. That was until pesky black hat SEO tactics forced Google to change the rules of the game. So does keyword density still matter? And, if not, where …

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a bunch of orange and pink balloons with smiley faces on them

How to do long-form content right

We all know that there is a very fine line between written content that’s engaging, and articles that just make you want to hit the ‘back’ button. And with long-form articles, that tightrope can be even harder to balance. On one hand, long-form content is a great chance to go into detail, show expertise, or …

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person working on their laptop to optimize their digital content for SEO

How to optimize content like a pro

Is your content working for you? And we mean, really working? If you’ve been publishing online content for any length of time, you’ll know that blogs and articles have a certain lifespan (5 of the biggest food trends for 2018 isn’t going to be as relevant in 2021!). Traffic is usually highest just after posts …

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