How My Learning Hub and Scribly harnessed the power of thought leadership to boost a following and build a brand

Empathetic thought leadership that drives real results.

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January 2023

My Learning Hub understand the power of great content. Their tech-forward approach to learning and development delivers top-quality training content to workers in a broad range of industries.

Armed with a learning management system (LMS) product that users loved, My Learning Hub needed to build a thought leadership presence and get their brand name out there with learning and development decision-makers. Doing so would require a lot of empathy for this specific audience niche

The challenge

My Learning Hub’s in-house marketing team had invested a lot of time in nailing the brand’s positioning, key messaging, and value proposition. They knew the value that content in many forms could bring. But while they were rich with ideas and opportunities, they were yet to find a solution for creating thought leadership content at scale.

Scribly’s solution

Scribly and My Learning Hub met in early 2022 and quickly realized how brilliant a collaboration would be.

My Learning Hub purchased a blogpost trial to take Scribly’s services for a test drive. Impressed with what they received, the next conversation was about how many different elements of their content marketing machine Scribly could help support.

The aim? To achieve consistently high-quality content, across multiple channels, every month, and build the My Learning Hub brand.


Over a 6-month collaboration, Scribly and My Learning Hub worked together to create a library of original and engaging thought leadership articles that any LMS — let alone a blog — would be proud to feature!

The two teams worked together to shape the ongoing content plan, combining search engine optimized content with insightful opinion pieces (where else will you find a blog about what L&D managers can learn from King Richard?).

“Working with [Scribly] has been a pleasure. Not only are they full of creative and relevant content ideas, but they are also very organized and diligent in terms of meeting the set deadlines and following the brief. They are also great communicators — always responsive and transparent in the process.”

The addition of an email newsletter each month provided extra exposure and reach for My Learning Hub’s high-value articles. Social media content that spun off these blogs helped increase My Learning Hub’s LinkedIn following by 30% and boosted newsletter subscriptions by 2.6x.

“Their approach to writing, operational model and pricing plans make Scribly a perfect choice for startups with a small marketing team that needs an extra hand in creating high-quality, SEO-optimized and just interesting-to-read content.”

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