How Scribly helped Tweedmaker increase organic traffic by 228% and become less reliant on paid ads

Investing in content long-term can help lower your cost of acquisition (COA).


eCommerce and Fashion

Strategy across blogs, website, and Instagram

March 2024

Tweedmaker sells custom-made tweed and linen suits for men online. The retail business has historically focused on driving traffic to the site through paid ads but realized that this strategy was getting more and more expensive. They decided to explore other options.

The challenge

Tweedmaker had a robust paid marketing approach but little organic presence. They knew that, to reduce their COA, they needed to be less reliant on paid ads and focus on SEO to drive free organic traffic. However, their small in-house team was too busy with customer orders and new product development to create and execute this.

They struggled with a stop-start approach to content marketing for 6 months, trying various content marketing services including AI copywriting, but experienced disappointing results. So, in 2022, Tweedmaker turned to Scribly for help.

Scribly’s solution

To help Tweedmaker get maximum results out of their restricted budget, we started by reviewing their existing content, identifying what pages needed updating or removing. We then performed a keyword gap analysis to inform what new site and blog content should be created. We built our strategy around these priorities, first optimizing existing content then creating two blog posts a month to grow their keyword profile and increase their organic ranking.

During our initial research, we also identified a unique business opportunity. Wedding guests were a key target market and many clients posted beautiful wedding photos on their social media. To capitalize on this user-generated content (UGC) and build a strong online community, we began managing their Instagram account, reposting the UGC and creating original new captions.


Tweedmaker has seen an increase in organic traffic by over 228% from May 2022 to March 2024. The site now ranks #1 in the US for essential keywords like “tweed suits”, “men’s tweed suit”, and “suit makers”, to name just a few examples.

Tweedmaker’s focus was to become less reliant on paid advertising and, with Scribly’s help, they have successfully done so. They now only use ads as a supplemental traffic source during key sales events and have decreased their Facebook ad spend by 90%.

“The results speak for themselves but, more importantly, Scribly’s ways of working took a lot of work off our plate. Since day one, communication and delivery has been perfect.” — Tonya Lynch – Operations Head

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