How Scribly helped Luhhu balance quality and affordability to scale through content

“Building an in-house team that could produce content as good, and as quickly, as Scribly would have been prohibitively expensive – if not impossible. A complete “plug and play” setup like Scribly has been well worth it for us.”



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May 2021

The story

Andrew, founder of the small-but-mighty automation agency Luhhu, reached out to Scribly about a year ago looking for a way to scale his business fast.

Luhhu was already growing rapidly, but there was still room for improvement.

Andrew understood the value of content — and how it can supercharge any SEO strategy — but there was one problem: finding reliable copywriters. Having tried dozens of freelance writers and finding they all came up short, Andrew finally found Scribly in 2019. Since then, we’ve done amazing things together.

How Scribly helped

For the last year, we’ve worked closely with Luhhu to deliver:

  • Regular monthly technical content to inform Luhhu’s audience about automation and the power of Zapier
  • A monthly newsletter packed with expert knowledge.
  • Case studies to share past successes (and inspire new ones)

But it’s not just about the content itself.

It’s about the cumulative impact of well-developed (and well-deployed) content strategy.

Here’s exactly how Luhhu experienced the Scribly difference.

Saving time (and money) by resolving the never-ending search for reliable copywriters

When looking for quality copywriters, Andrew found himself stuck between a rock and a hard place. Like many other business owners looking to scale up with the power of content, actually finding someone to write that content (and write it well) was no small feat.

“I was constantly on the lookout for copywriters, and they either fell into the $50-$100/post range but produced rubbish… or they came in on the $300-$400+ range/article.”

Solving this dilemma was key to getting Luhhu’s content strategy up and running.

Thanks to Scribly’s flexible content marketing packages, Andrew was able to strike the perfect balance between real results and affordability.

Maximizing ROI by replacing the costly process of hiring an in-house content team

Before he began working with Scribly, Andrew was faced with a choice.

He could either begin the slow process of building an in-house content team, getting them ramped up, and then launch a content strategy.

Or, he could hire Scribly for a fraction of the price, save on salaries, and take advantage of the content expertise we already had to develop and deploy a content strategy in next to no time.

You already know which way Andrew went, but as for why, we’ll let him address that one himself:

“Building an in-house team that could produce content as good, and as quickly, as Scribly would have been prohibitively expensive – if not impossible. A complete “plug and play” setup like Scribly has been well worth it for us.”

Surpassing competitors and supercharging SEO – all with a consistent, predictable budget

Once Luhhu’s new Scribly-powered content team was up and running, it became clear to Andrew just how much value the service could deliver.

“None of my direct competitors have a regularly updated blog, a flow of high-quality case studies, and a monthly newsletter – and I doubt I’d have had the time or resources to do that in house if I weren’t able to involve Scribly.”

With SEO performance soaring, and a consistent flow of quality content to engage their existing audience, Luhhu had every base covered – and all for a single, consistent price that enabled reliable financial forecasting.

No additional hires, no extra training, and no outlandish expenses – just affordable services that get real results. That’s the Scribly difference.   

The result

Through our partnership with Luhhu, the brand has gone from strength to strength, realizing SEO gains that would otherwise have been impossible (or at least a lot more cost and time intensive).

In just a year, 40% of the top-performing content on Luhhu’s website has been produced by the copywriting team here at Scribly — with more being published every month.

Today, Andrew and his team are able to rely on a remote and reliable content department — without having to hire in-house. This agility frees up time and finances to grow the business in all-new ways, and maintains a constant source of SEO success and an engaged audience.

That’s what we call a win-win.

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