How Scribly helped Cheesecake Labs secure leads, boost recruitment by 3x, and become a top 10 software partner

A story about results as sweet as cheesecake!

Cheesecake Labs

Software Design & Development

Blog posts, Case studies, Social media, ebooks

January 2023

Cheesecake Labs is a digital development partner based in Brazil and serving clients all over the world. Experts in software development — and known for designing and building delightful digital experiences for their customers — the Cheesecake Labs team wanted to build their digital presence and share their expertise with a wider audience.

The challenge

Cheesecake Labs were struggling with a stop-start approach to content marketing. Their in-house marketing team was busy with numerous other tasks and while the whole team knew the value of thought leadership content, they were somewhat under-resourced when it came to getting those projects off the ground.

That was until Cheesecake Labs’s CEO and Business Development Manager were referred to Scribly back in February 2021. Making use of our Free Content Strategy Call, it was clear after one conversation how well Scribly and Cheesecake Labs could work together.

Scribly’s solution

Cheesecake Labs purchased Scribly’s Mega Package, giving them 6,500 words for blog posts + SEO research and content planning. It’s a done-for-you service that allows Cheesecake Labs to focus on what they do best, safe in the knowledge their content production is under expert care. A focus on blog content across the sales funnel helps potential leads self-qualify and saves the Cheesecake Labs sales team time.

Hungry for more, Cheesecake Labs then also looped Scribly in to write case studies, LinkedIn captions, and an ebook campaign.

Cheesecake Labs and Scribly are still working together today, almost two years later. Scribly performs the role of writing value-added content based on conversations and interviews with the Cheesecake Labs team, and their in-house marketing professionals make sure that content is distributed far and wide.


2021 and 2022 were both record-breaking years for Cheesecake Labs. Revenue is up 80+% and over 600 people applied to work with them in just one month. The team has also been named a top 10 global partner for software development (#1 in Latin America) thanks, in part, to their growing digital presence.

“Thanks for the great work during these ~2 years!” — Marcelo Gracietti, Cheesecake Labs CEO

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