How to write a video script

A video script is a narration that accompanies any branded video. Whether you’re putting together an explainer, a promotion, or a product demo, you need a stellar script to go with those visuals. But where should you start if you’ve never created a video or a video script before? Read our top video script tips …

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How to clarify your unique selling proposition

Every piece of high-value content you publish has the power to build your brand. Blogs, emails, social media, case studies — each one helps establish your personality and unique selling proposition (USP).  Some pieces of content will be upfront about your USP: landing page copy, for example, or your classic ‘call to action’ at the …

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a bunch of orange and pink balloons with smiley faces on them

How to do long-form content right

We all know that there is a very fine line between written content that’s engaging, and articles that just make you want to hit the ‘back’ button. And with long-form articles, that tightrope can be even harder to balance. On one hand, long-form content is a great chance to go into detail, show expertise, or …

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person working on their laptop to optimize their digital content for SEO

How to optimize content like a pro

Is your content working for you? And we mean, really working? If you’ve been publishing online content for any length of time, you’ll know that blogs and articles have a certain lifespan (5 of the biggest food trends for 2018 isn’t going to be as relevant in 2021!). Traffic is usually highest just after posts …

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marketing in a recession

A guide to marketing in a recession

In a post-pandemic world, some form of large recession appears, sadly, all but inevitable. Yet while every downturn is different, there are best practices for marketing in a recession; a clear set of guidelines that we can follow.  While economies might protract for a number of reasons, how marketing responds can follow a similar process …

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