Can I copy content from other websites?

Nope, nope, and triple-nope (or, at least not as a general rule). Copying content from another website exactly is not only plagiarism but will be flagged by Google’s crawlers as duplicate content, harming the SEO value of your website. If you really do want to copy content from another website (say a blog or article), …

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How often should you update your website content?

Contrary to popular belief, there is no golden rule as to how often your website content should be updated. The answer is actually a lot simpler: as often as it needs to be. If you’ve used statistics on your website, it’s worth updating those yearly to ensure you’re providing users with the most up-to-date information …

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What should you consider when developing your website content?

When developing your website content, you should consider a few key things: Of course, the easiest way to develop website content is with a content marketing agency that can help both with strategy development and content production. That way, you’ll have experts (like Scribly!) helping you reach your goals.

How to do a website content audit

Performing a website content audit can be a long and time-consuming process. We would recommend working with an expert at this phase, but if you want to get started on your own, here are some top tips: 

What is website content?

In short, website content is any type of content that sits on your website. This includes written content (like landing pages, services pages, category pages, product pages, FAQ pages, About Us pages, blogs, etc) but also visual content, like visual assets, product images, product demos and videos, and more. Website content serves to inform the …

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How to write content for a website

When writing content for a website, you should:  If we’re being honest, though, unless you have an in-house content writer, you’re better off working with a content agency that has specialist website copywriters. They’ll convey your key message in an engaging and beautifully crafted way that will really resonate with your audience.

What is B2B content writing?

B2B content writing is marketing copywriting that is tailored to B2B exchanges. How you talk to your audience is so important — particularly in B2B when you have multiple decision-makers you need to convince. Powerful B2B content writing considers those different personas when crafting the words on the page. To get it right, you’ll need …

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What are some ways to market successfully to B2B buyers?

B2B content marketing is a great way to successfully market to B2B buyers. You can use blogs, ebooks, social media posts, and newsletters to target them at the start of their journey, then case studies, use cases, and webinars when they’re mid-funnel, then customer testimonials, product demos, and sales emails to get them over the …

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What is B2B content?

B2B content is about solving problems, sharing expertise, and guiding other businesses on their journey. It’s your way of saying, “Hey, we know our stuff, and we’re here to help you succeed.” You might create blogs, videos, podcasts, whitepapers, or webinars – they’re all part of the B2B content gang. In short, B2B content is …

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Why is content marketing important for B2B?

Content marketing is a big deal in the B2B world because it helps to engage, educate, and win over decision-makers. Case studies, for example, can showcase that you’re the real deal, while customer testimonials prove you can be trusted by your potential clients. Content like blog posts, newsletters, and ebooks are great for hooking potential …

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