How long should a white paper be?

When you use Scribly’s white paper writing services, we’ll always recommend aiming for around 2000 words. This offers enough words to cover a given topic in detail (remember, the meatier, the better) but isn’t so long that prospects and leads don’t want to read it.

How to write a white paper

If you want to write a white paper yourself (though we can assure you that using our white paper writing services will be easier and quicker) then you need to carefully plan, research, and craft your white paper. To help you with your writing journey, here are a few of our top tips.

How to write a white paper outline

We’ll let you in on a secret: the key to a great white paper is an even better outline. It serves as a roadmap, helping you maintain focus, organize your thoughts, and create a structured and comprehensive document. When creating a brief, we ask that you define:

What is the purpose of a white paper?

Did you know that companies with a content marketing strategy convert six times more leads than those who don’t? While optimizing your web copy, implementing a blog strategy, sending out newsletters, and publishing regularly on social media will fuel your content marketing efforts, a white paper can really benefit your business too by: … and …

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What is a white paper?

Great question! A white paper is essentially a very thorough report or guide. Typically, it is grounded in research and analysis, providing data or case studies to support an argument or recommendation. They’re not about promoting products or services, but instead focus on presentacts facts and insights to educate and inform the reader.  White papers …

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