What is digital content creation?

Digital content creation is about creating content for electronic channels – in other words, anything online. You might share digital content on a website, social media, a mobile app, or any other digital platform.  So, while a printed book, newspaper, or leaflet wouldn’t be counted as digital content, an eBook, online blog, or social media …

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What is content creation in marketing?

Content creation is a key component of modern marketing – you’d probably refer to it as content marketing. It basically refers to any content created to attract, engage, and convert a target audience into customers. By creating high-quality content (blog posts, social media posts, videos, infographics, whitepapers, e-books, etc) businesses can establish their brand as …

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‍How to start content creation

There’s no point creating content for content’s sake, so if you’re thinking about adding content to your website, launching a blog, starting a newsletter campaign, or getting going on social media, you need to ask yourself the below questions before you get started: Why am I creating this content?  Before you start creating content, you …

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How to hire someone to create a content creation plan

At Scribly, we help a large range of businesses across a variety of industries create content plans, so we understand better than anyone how important it is to find the right partner for your content marketing. Below are our top tips for ensuring your hire an agency that works for you.