‍How to start content creation

There’s no point creating content for content’s sake, so if you’re thinking about adding content to your website, launching a blog, starting a newsletter campaign, or getting going on social media, you need to ask yourself the below questions before you get started:

Why am I creating this content? 

Before you start creating content, you need to understand the objectives of its creation. If you’re creating a landing page, you might want the user to take a particular action. If you’re posting on social media, you might be looking to increase your brand awareness. If you’re creating an SEO blog, you might want to grow your keyword profile and organic visibility. 

Who am I creating this content for? 

Good content is targeted content. Regardless of the type of content you’re creating, it should be addressing your audience and responding to their needs. 

What’s the ideal outcome from creating this content? 

Are you hoping users will purchase a product? Get in touch about your services? Learn more about your brand? See you as an expert in your field? Understand your ideal outcome before you start creating content. This will help determine what type of content you need to produce and how you should deliver it. 

How will I promote this content?

Whether you’re optimizing your content for SEO and aiming to drive organic traffic to your site, promoting it on social media, or sharing it as part of an email campaign, you should always know how your content is going to reach your audience. Like we said, there’s no point in creating content for content’s sake. 

Do I have the resources to create this content?

If you’re producing the content in-house, you need an expert on the topic to write the article. It’s also worth having a second person proofread and edit it to ensure a high standard of quality. If you’re using an agency, make sure they have an experienced writer with knowledge in your field creating the copy, and a dedicated account manager to fact and quality check everything. 

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