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You know your products are great – but how do you convince potential buyers of that? Our product description writing services help sell and promote your products.

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Creating the best product descriptions that sell.

Product description writing services (the Scribly way)

We believe a product is only ever as good as its description. After all, what’s the point in creating the best product out there if no one can read about it and understand its benefits? 

A well-crafted product description should highlight its key advantages and unique selling points to help customers realize its value and, more importantly, how it will respond to their own needs. It should also differentiate your product from the competition. 

We know achieving all of this can be hard, though. That’s why we offer product description writing services so we can do the heavy lifting for you. 

Our product copywriters will craft persuasive and informative descriptions to ensure your copy:

  • Highlights the key benefits of the product
  • Showcases its unique offerings
  • Emphasizes how and why it will benefit the buyer
  • Encourages customers to make a purchase 

How Scribly’s product description writing services work

If you’d like to get more eyes on your products and convince leads to make a purchase, you need a carefully-crafted product description – and Scribly can help.

At Scribly, we make product description writing simple. Here’s how it works:

  • Get in touch for a product description writing quote, telling us how many descriptions you need and how many words each should be
  • Share a simple brief with our team explaining a little more about your brand and objectives, and your products and their individual benefits
  • We assign your product description writing task to one of our professional copywriters with experience in your niche. Wherever possible, we’ll use the same writer for all of your product descriptions to ensure consistency between all of them.
  • Within the agreed timeframe, you receive your product descriptions ready for review and – once you’re happy – launch.

Why use Scribly’s product description writing services?

At Scribly, we know we can deliver. Just take a look at what past customers have said. But we also know that a lot of other content agencies and product copywriters out there offer this same service, so why should you choose us? 

We specialize in your niche. 

At Scribly, our writers are specialists, not generalists. They are experts in specific niches, industries, and verticals, so we only ever assign an experienced writer with proven results in your industry to your account.

We deliver. Fast.

The Scribly product writing team can turn around freshly pressed copy in as little as 5 working days, depending on the size of your project. If you’re working to a deadline, drop us a message and we’ll let you know exactly when we can deliver your copy by. 

We focus on SEO.

We get it. You want your products to sell. To do that, you need them to be discoverable online — and that’s where SEO comes in. We can optimize your product descriptions to branded and evergreen keywords, helping to increase your online visibility and drive organic (read: free) leads to your site. 

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Around 300-500 words is a common response, but we’d say there’s no right or wrong answer here. They should be snappy, concise, and easily digestible, and provide all the necessary information for a customer to make an informed purchase decision.

It also depends on your brand style and tone of voice. If you opt for bullet points rather than full sentences, your copy is likely to be on the shorter side. If you choose to add FAQs, your product descriptions will be on the longer end.

A good product description does a lot in just a few words. Short and snappy, it should highlight the key features of the product (Think: What makes it unique? Innovative? Superior to the competition?) and focus on its core benefits (What problem does it solve? What needs does it fulfill?). Make sure you use descriptive language to appeal to the reader’s senses and help them visualize its look, feel, and (where relevant) smell.

Your description should also be broken down into short paragraphs with subheadings and bullet points to help the reader skim read. This keeps the description clear and concise, helping readers find the information they’re looking for quickly. We always like to add reviews and customer testimonials too, just to give it an extra layer of credibility.

Optimizing a product description for SEO is the best way to ensure the right customers find your products. Your chosen keywords and phrases should be specific enough to be competitive and rank, but not so broad that no one naturally searches for them. So, make sure you do keyword research before you start (tools like AHrefs and SEMrush are useful here). 

Then, incorporate your keywords throughout, using them in the meta data, alt text, headings, and body of the text. Make sure you use them naturally though, so you don’t compromise readability or the user experience.

The short answer is that a product description is exactly that – a description of the product, including its key features, benefits, and specifications. Beyond that, though, it is a guide for your potential customer to better understand your product, gauge whether it answers their needs, and decide to purchase it or not.

A product description for a face cream, for example, might say what ingredients it’s formulated with, what skin concerns it helps to tackle, and which skin type can benefit from using it. Then, the customer can assess whether it is right for their skin concerns and type, with all the relevant information they need to make that decision at their fingertips.