What is copywriting in marketing? 

Copywriting in marketing can take many forms – that’s why we love it so much! Regardless of who your target audience is or how they consume their content, copywriting services are key for a killer marketing strategy. 

  • Email copywriting: Copywriters create email campaigns that promote products or services to a targeted audience .From a catchy subject lines to enticing body copy, great copywriters know how to make readers open an email, engage with the content, and take action.
  • Social media copywriting: Whether you use LinkedIn and Twitter or Instagram and TikTok, you’ll know just how powerful social media can be – particularly when great visual content is paired with an attention-grabbing caption. 
  • Advertising: Whether it appears online, in print, or on the TV, copywriting is the source of great advertising. You need to craft headlines and body copy that grab the reader’s attention, convey the key benefits of the product or service, and motivate the reader to take action.

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