How to write an article

If you’re asking that, you probably need Scribly’s article writing services – but we’ll give you our top tips anyway.

  1. Pick a relevant topic: If you’re going to write an article, you need it be relevant to your target audience (you want them to want to read it) and relevant to your brand. Do you have the authority to speak about that topic? You should feel confident writing about it. 
  2. Do your research (or lean on experts): Articles should educate and engage, so you need to conduct thorough research or speak to an expert when drafting your article. Make sure your sources are reliable and you cite them throughout. Remember, you need both your readers and search engines to trust your brand and the information you’re providing. 
  3. Create an outline: If you’ve ever worked with Scribly, you’ll know that we always create an outline before starting to write. It helps us organize our thoughts, ensure the ideas flow, and provide a clear structure. 
  4. Write: Now, the fun part begins! When writing, don’t forget to follow your editorial guidelines and ensure tone of voice is consistent with the rest of the content on your site. 
  5. Edit and proofread: Leave your first draft for a day or two before editing it. This allows you to come at it with fresh eyes and helps you see mistakes you’d have otherwise missed. 
  6. Publish: Set that article live and don’t forget to drive traffic to it. Sharing the link on social or email is a great way to engage your users. 

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