How to write a blog post

Blog content writing services are kind of our thing, so we like to think we’re well positioned to offer guidance on creating blogs. 

Step 1: Choose your topic. 

Make sure it’s relevant to your business and to your target market. You need to have the authority to speak on the topic and your audience needs to be interested in reading about it. 

Step 2: Do your research.

Often overlooked, the research phase is the perfect opportunity to speak to other experts in the business and gather more insight, to look into what other companies are saying and read similar blogs they’ve published, and understand what your audience wants to know on the topic. You can then ensure your content is highly informative, showcases your expertise, provides a unique perspective, and answers key customer queries. 

Step 3: Create an outline.

Even if it’s a thought leadership piece, a blog should never just be the ramblings of a diary. A blog is a clearly structured article with an introduction, some key main points, and a conclusion. Your outline allows you to organize your thoughts and ensure you don’t go off topic. 

Step 4: Write, edit, and proofread.

Make sure you follow your business’s tone of voice, write in clear and concise sentences, and avoid grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. We like a conversational tone with a dollop of storytelling.

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