How to send a press release

You should never send out a press release to all media outlets and hope for the best. Like any good marketing activity, it should be targeted to a specific audience – in this case, a set of journalists and publications who will actually be interested in your story. 

So, you first need to curate a list of relevant media contacts (think journalists, editors, bloggers and influencers) who might be interested in your story. Look at industry-specific publications, local newspapers, online news outlets, and relevant journalists. You can then email them your press release, using an eye-catching subject line to get them to click through and a compelling pitch to encourage them to open the attached press release.

From there, you’ll need to send follow up emails and monitor press coverage to see if there’s any pick up. Make sure to thank anyone who covers your story. You’ll want to nurture that relationship for future press releases. 

Press releases can also be shared on your website and social media, or you can work with a press release distribution service to do all the heavy lifting for you.

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