How to repurpose blog content for social media

Want to get the most out of your blog content? Consider repurposing it. Social media is a great tool to drive traffic to your blog, as you can share snippets and tease your content to whet your audience’s appetite. 

  • Create bite-size snippets: Quotes, statistics, key takeaways, carousel summaries… there are loads of ways to repurpose blog content for social media.
  • Tease your content: Why not build up a future blog post? If you’re going to cover a topic you know your audience is interested in, consider creating teaser posts ahead of the article being published. This will increase interest. You can then announce its publication and direct traffic to site. 
  • Post visuals: If your blog post features images or infographics, you can share these on social media and add a link to your blog in the caption. 
  • Share a shorter video: If your blog post features a long video, consider creating a much shorter one (10 seconds max) that summarizes the key points.
  • Share old posts: If you’re struggling to find social media content ideas, why not reshare an old blog? Choose a post that is timeless and still relevant to your audience. Sometimes an oldie is a goodie. 

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