‍How to plan social media content

Without careful planning and a clear content calendar, it’s easy to quickly run out of social media content. Depending on your chosen platform, you might need as much as a post a day – that’s a lot of ideas to generate. If we were to help, here’s what we’d do:

  • Define the themes and pillars – These would align with your brand’s values and messages, while also being relevant to your target audience. 
  • Determine the frequency and timing of your posts – If you’re planning on posting every day and want to work a month in advance, you have to plan at least 30 posts ahead. You should also consider the best time to post (ideally when your audience is most active) and test this repeatedly to refine your approach. 
  • Create a content calendar – Assign each post to a specific day, time and channel. This allows you to schedule posts in advance and coordinate your social media marketing with your other marketing efforts. 
  • Track performance – Your social media content plan should evolve based on the data you’re getting. From the type of posts that perform best to the ideal time of day to publish them, your data can tell you how to maximize performance. 

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