How to copywrite

Copywriting is an art form. It combines creativity and strategy. When we write copy, we take the below steps:

  • Understand your audience: We want to understand your target audience. What are their needs, desires, and pain points? What language do they use? This will help us tailor your messaging to resonate with them.
  • Understand your unique offering: People buy products or services because of the benefits they offer. 
  • Use attention-grabbing headlines: The headline is often the first thing that people will read, so it’s important to make it attention-grabbing to pique the reader’s interest.
  • Keep it concise: People have short attention spans, so we recommend keeping copy concise and to the point. 
  • Use storytelling: People connect with stories and find them more engaging. Who doesn’t love a great anecdote or case study?
  • Create a call to action: The goal of copywriting is to persuade people to take action, so we always include a clear call to action. This could be as simple as “Buy now” or “Sign up today”.
  • Edit and revise: Our goal is always to make your happy. We’ll keep tweaking and editing things until you’re satisfied, at no extra cost!

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